Carmelo Anthony rumored to be New Jersey Nets bound as Kat Stacks Twitter feud erupts

At yesterday's Nuggets press event, new GM Masai Ujiri implied the team has a legit shot to keep Carmelo Anthony. Problem is, everyone thinks Carmelo is as good as gone, with reports about an Anthony trade demand followed by rumblings that Chauncey Billups could be dealt, too. The latest? Speculation abounds about a Melo deal with New Jersey amid buzz over an apparent Twitter hit Anthony put out on web-celeb Kat Stacks.

The Nets are hardly the only Eastern conference team with an interest in Anthony. This week, the Washington Post reported that the Wizards have inquired about his availability. But the hottest potential location at this moment is New Jersey, where bloggers like ESPN/Nets Are Scorching's Mark Ginocchio are already debating who's expendable.

Ginocchio's conclusions? Devin Harris can go, but Brook Lopez -- exactly the sort of young, promising big man the Nuggets desperately need -- should be deemed off-limits.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Sports has the skinny on what it calls a "deeply stupid Twitter controversy" that has Melo's name written all over it, 140 characters at a time.

According to writer Trey Kerby, "'celebrity' groupie Kat Stacks -- who became Internet famous for sleeping with minor rappers that hardly anyone knows about, then being paid to talk about it -- Tweeted about Carmelo Anthony, which upset Carmelo and his wife."

Anthony's response? Kerby notes that Melo "offered $5,000 to anyone who would send him video footage of Kat Stacks being slapped."

That's the sort of score calculated to thrill the likes of Stacks, who quickly tweeted this:

Will anything come of this? In one hyphenated phrase, "Hell-to-the-no." But it's more evidence that the last thing on Anthony's mind is sitting down with Ujiri to work out the details of a return to Denver, no matter how much Nuggets fans would like things to work out that way.

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