Carmelo Anthony trade: Melo wants to play for NY Knicks & a winner -- but is that impossible?

Lately, there's been no public progress in trading Carmelo Anthony, making it difficult for fans to commit to the Nuggets despite the team's recent victory over Kobe Bryant's Lakers. Meanwhile, Melo's still sending mixed signals over whether he prefers to move to a winner or ink with a struggling franchise in an primo locale like the NY Knicks.

This last piece of info comes courtesy of the New York Post's Peter Vescey, who's "alternated between being positive the Knicks were not on his free agent list to being convinced they are" in the wake of several one-on-one conversations with Anthony over the past few days.

Melo told Vescey he's "all about winning," which the writer interpreted as knocking the Knicks from contention -- because the last time he checked, "they were all about losing coyote ugly and not built to win now, the year after now or seemingly ever." But while Anthony noted that he hasn't marked the Lakers, the Boston Celtics or the San Antonio Spurs off his wish list, he hasn't nixed the Knicks, either.

Is the same true for New Jersey, also rumored as a potential Anthony destination? Apparently not: Vescey gets the impression the Nets too much of a no-hope squad despite their impending move to Brooklyn. He also notes that both he and Anthony believe the Nuggets will deal him before the February 25 trade deadline if he decides not to sign the contract extension that's been hanging in front of him for months.

Intriguingly, Melo also takes a shot at another superstar in pledging not to screw the Nuggets at the last minute. "I'm not Chris Bosh," Anthony told Vescey. "We're not the same person. What I do will be straight up. Management knows that."

Vescey believes Anthony is currently giving the Nuggets a chance to prove that they can be legitimate title contenders -- something impossible to determine until Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen are back on the court and in decent health again.

Given how brittle K-Mart, in particular, has been, this could be a long shot, but it's the only one the Nuggets have. And if things go awry, Melo could find himself in the position of deciding if he'd still like to play for the Knicks, even if they blow -- and may continue to blow for horrible seasons to come.

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