Chane Behanan, star Louisville transfer to CSU, busted for pot possession in Kentucky

Even as the national media has tried to establish a tie between marijuana and the rise in applications submitted to Colorado colleges, Chane Behanan, a Louisville basketball star kicked off the squad last year because of drug use, recently transferred to Colorado State University.

But before he could take his first shot in Fort Collins, his future with the Rams is in doubt after he was arrested in Kentucky and accused of pot possession. Videos and details below.

Behanan grew up in a rough part of Cincinnati, as is detailed in this video profile:

There's never been the slightest doubt about his hoops ability. As noted by the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Behanan was a solid contributor to Louisville's 2013 national championship squad, racking up an average of 9.8 points and 6.5 rebounds per game during the season, when he was still just a sophomore.

Here's a highlight clip in which he shows off his skills.

Louisville could have used his help again this year; the team was the favorite of many to earn another championship but fell to Kentucky in the ongoing NCAA basketball tournament. However, he was given the boot in December due to drug issues, which he's now reportedly addressing with the assistance of John Lucas, a former NBA star turned addiction specialist.

Inviting a player facing such a personal challenge to join the CSU squad was certainly a risk. But Rams coach Larry Eustachy is all about second chances, for obvious reasons. As we reported at the time of his hiring by CSU, Eustachy was named the Associated Press coach of the year for the 1999-2000 season for his work at Iowa State, where he piloted his team to the Elite Eight. But the photos of him boozing it up and smooching with young girls at student parties stopped his rapid rise dead.

Eustachy presumably hoped Behanan could rehabilitate himself and his reputation just as he has over the past decade-plus. But that was before Behanan was pulled over during a post-midnight traffic stop in Louisville, where he remains even though he officially became a CSU student in January; he's taking online classes at present.

During the incident, cops found what's described as a small marijuana cigarette in Behanan's lap.

Possessing even a small amount of weed remains a crime in Kentucky, meaning Behanan will now be put through the legal system there. As such, the bust has got to make Rams fans nervous -- and so, too, will many of the tweets Behanan has issued since the arrest. This one suggests that he takes the situation seriously:

But other messages are considerably less apologetic, including this one....

...and this one....

...and this one:

His latest tweet? It reads:

We're guessing he means "playing" as in playing around, not playing basketball. But his transfer to Colorado State just got a lot trickier.

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