Charles "Dusty" Smith jailed for threatening to kill "all non-virgins"

Good news for all you virgins out there: Charles "Dusty" Smith, our latest Schmuck of the Week, appears to have less interest in killing you than if you'd gotten lucky at least once.

Unfortunately, that leaves a whole slew of folks out there whose luck may have run out -- or it might have if Smith hadn't been busted for his crazy threat to kill "all non-virgins" at a nearby high school. And while his alleged crime took place in Nebraska, there's a definite Colorado connection.

The story comes to us from the Scottsbluff, Nebraska Star Herald, which reports that Smith, who hails from the appropriately (for him) named town of Dix, has been accused of making "terroristic threats" against students at Potter-Dix High School.

On November 8, according to the paper, Smith left a message at the school expressing his interest in killing "all non-virgins and the people that they attend school with."

Granted, that second clause potentially endangers virgins, too. But fortunately, authorities were alerted to the recorded statement on November 11, and had no trouble identifying Smith's voice.

That's because he's said to have a history of making such calls -- which is where the Colorado connection comes in. Local authorities maintain that he's also threatened violence against the Denver Mint and the U.S. Air Force.

Smith was subsequently taken into custody amid concerns about his mental stability. And given that he allegedly tried to take a deputy's gun during the bust, that's probably a good thing for all involved.

Virgins and non-virgins alike.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.