Charles Farrar on being denied new trial despite victim recanting in sex abuse case (VIDEO)

This week's cover story, "Beyond Belief," examines the devastating, long-term impact of a false report of sexual abuse made by a fifteen-year-old Aurora girl -- allegations against her mother and stepfather that were aggressively prosecuted despite the lack of any supporting evidence and plenty of indications that the entire story had been fabricated by a teen eager to get out of her family's house.

Just how devastating? Hear about it directly from Charles Farrar, sentenced in 2002 to 145 years to life for sexual assault on a child -- and still in prison even though his stepdaughter Sacha came forward months after his trial, admitted that she committed perjury, and recanted all her claims of sexual abuse.

In these video excerpts from my interview with Farrar at the Sterling Correctional Facility, his frustration with a justice system that put him behind bars, swept his children into foster homes and ruined his life -- all on the strength of one troubled girl's dubious but graphic story -- is evident. But so is his concern for the fate of the rest of his family.

The clip below features Farrar recalling the bewildering events of March 7, 2000 -- the day he was arrested and watched police and social workers remove his six children from their house in Aurora.

In the second excerpt, Farrar discusses his reaction to learning that Sacha was repudiating her testimony, a moment that raised hopes he would receive a new trial -- hopes that were dashed two years later when Arapahoe County Chief District Judge John Leopold ruled that Sacha's recantation wasn't sufficient "new evidence" to warrant a new trial.

For the complete story, go here: Sexual abuse lies keep Charles Farrar in prison; courts refuse to hold new trial.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.