Charles Fisher affidavit: Homicidal husband ambushed wife after she saw Twilight: Eclipse

Earlier this week, we told you about the arrest of Thornton's Charles Fisher, who allegedly murdered his wife, Belinda, and then set their house ablaze.

Now, the Thornton Police Department has released an affadavit in which a supposedly suicidal Fisher describes waiting for Belinda to return from seeing Twilight: Eclipse with a newly purchased gun he subsequently unloaded at her.

The narrative section of the document -- to read it in its entirety, click here -- begins with an account of Thornton firefighters' arrival at the house, and a grim discovery:

On July 3rd, 2010 at approximately 7:39 PM, Officers from Thornton Police Department and Thornton Department responded to 11339 Locust Street, Thornton, Adams County, Colorado on a report of a fire inside of the residence. [Redacted] and [Redacted] were walking by the residence when they noticed the noise of a smoke alarm and flames inside of the home. They notified the fire department and the police.

Upon arrival the fire department entered the residence. The home was filled with smoke and they were able to extinguish the flames in the living room of the house. Upon further inspection of the home they observed a female sitting against the wall. Thornton firefighter, Brent Burke, picked up the female and noticed that several spend [sic] bullets fell off her body. He drug the body to the patio at the rear of the house.

Paramedic Evan Vonderbur, with the Thornton Fire Department checked the body for signs of life and did not observe any. Dr. Sweetman with the North Surburban Medical Center was contacted and pronounced the female dead at 8:04 PM.

According to public records, Charles David Fisher III, DOB/120280 and Belinda Fisher, DOB 04-18-1980 own the house and reside there. It is believed that the deceased female is Belinda Fisher.

The Thornton Police Department's first order of business was to track down Charles -- and they didn't have to look far. He turned up in the police station shortly after Belinda was pronounced dead and reportedly began spilling his dark secret with precious little prodding. As you'll see, his plans for a post-murder suicide apparently ran into a complication:

On July 3rd, 2010 at 8:36 PM Charles David Fisher III was contacted in the lobby of the Thornton Police Department. Officer Jamie Howrey was walking through the front lobby area of the Police Department. As Officer Howrey walked into the front desk area, Officer Howrey noted that Charles seemed upset. Officer Howrey asked Charles if he needed any help. Fisher walked over to the front window and told he felt like hurting himself because he was "Going crazy." Officer Howrey asked Fisher why he was feeling that way, to which Charles replied, "I was responsible for the fiasco off 113th" and thought he "Started a fire."

Officer Howrey asked Fisher what fiasco he was referring to. Fisher said he started a fire and was feeling like he was going crazy. Officer Howrey immediately locked the front doors so Charles could not walk out and asked him "What fire?" Charles then said he "Thought he may have killed his wife." Officer Howrey told Fisher that other police were on the way and that we could help him. Officer Ashby accompanied Officer Howrey to the lobby, where Officer Howrey asked Charles to stand up, so he could pat him down for weapons. Officer Howrey asked Charles if he had any knives or guns on his person. Charles volunteered information and stated the guns were in his car in the parking lot. Officer Howrey asked Charles which car was his and he said the tan car parked in front of the building. Charles told Officer Howrey that he thought shot his wife and started the fire. Officer Howrey placed handcuffs on Charles and removed the contents of his pockets. Officer Howrey felt Charles hands were sweaty and clammy. Officer Howrey asked Charles if he had washed his hands recently and he said no. Charles had several earplugs in his left pants pocket and a flash drive. Officer Howrey took the car keys out his right front pants pocket. Officer Howrey asked Charles to be seated again and again volunteered the only reason he didn't kill himself was because he ran out of bullets. Charles was taken into custody and moved to a holding area...

Under questioning, Charles reportedly confessed the details of the murder, saying that he took advantage of Belinda's trip to a theater, where she watched Twilight: Eclipse with a friend, to purchase a gun. He then told TPD representatives that he emptied his bowels and came out of the bathroom firing:

Charles stated that on 07-03-10, he was at home at 11339 Locust Street in the City of Thornton, County of Adams, Sate [sic] of Colorado with his wife, whom he identified as Belinda Fisher. Charles stated that Belinda went to see a "vampire movie" with a friend of hers whom he identified as [Redacted]. [Redacted] and Belinda worked together at St. Anthony North Hospital. Charles stated that Belinda left the residence between approximately 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

While Belinda was at the movie, Charles sent her a text message asking if she was "having fun watching her sparkly vampires." Belinda replied in a text message that she preferred the werewolves, "because they have their shirts off."

Charles indicated that he'd been having issues at work and believed that he ws near to losing his job. Charles stated that with mounting stress at work and his commitment to his undergraduate program at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, where he was taking online courses, Charles had begun feeling suicidal. Charles stated that while Belinda was at the movie, he got into his vehicle and drove to the Gander Mountain store located in the 10000 block of Grant Street in the City of Thornton. Charles bought a Taurus semi-automatic pistol, which he described as a "nine millimeter," and two boxes of ammunition for the pistol. Charles stopped at a fast food restaurant on the way home and purchased, then ate, a hamburger, Charles stated that he went home and sat in the office, which is at the front of the residence.

Charles watched out the front window of the office as [Redacted] white vehicle pulled up at the house. Charles stated that he was surprised that Belinda would be home so early, and he went to the bathroom at the end of a hallway inside the residence. Charles put foam hearing protectors inside his ear canals. Inside the bathroom, Charles suddenly felt the need to urinate and defecate, and did so. Charles stated as Belinda came down the hallway, he exited the bathroom and shot Belinda. Charles could not state how many times he shot Belinda, but stated that he emptied the magazine of the pistol.

Charles stated that he started a fire inside the residence, but would not provide any details as to whether an ignitable liquid or accelerant was used. Charles stated that he got into the 2002 Hyundai sedan and drove to the Thornton Police Department, placing the handgun inside a black bag in the passenger compartment.

The 2002 Hyundai was found in the parking lot of the Thornton Police Department and a black bag was plainly visible in the front passenger seat...

Charles, a former Marine, was arrested for investigation of first-degree murder, first-degree arson and domestic violence.

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