Chauncey Billups and Elway's magic number 7

Channel 9's Drew Soicher devoted much of Tuesday night's late sportscast to a conversation with John Elway about whether or not he was bothered by Nuggets star Chauncey Billups' decision to ditch the number 7, which he wore last year to honor Big John, in favor of his original digit, 1. Why? Hell if I know, particularly since Elway wasn't bothered in the slightest, for obvious reasons. The number 7 is extremely prevalent in the NFL, with the Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger confirming that he chose it to honor Elway, and many of the other twelve QBs on this list having likely done so, too, either consciously or unconsciously. Indeed, any footballer who wears 7 should gird himself for Elway references. Take this piece about Kansas Chief's hurler Matt Cassel's decision in favor of 7; author Bob Gretz writes, "Maybe he can wear the number with the same proficiency and production as the guy who used to be No. 7 in Denver, the man who broke so many Kansas City hearts, John Elway."

Not that he's likely to make anyone forget who's the real number 7.

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