Chauncey Billups wants you to drink overpriced juice

Here's a funny thing I came across while researching the various juice drinks sold through a multi-level-marketing model for this week's cover story on Bazi. Hometown hero Chauncey Billups is the top endorser for Tahitian Noni, a company that was the first to use an Amway-like system to pimp an exotic juice potion with supposedly amazing health benefits.

Even though you've probably never heard of it, Noni is a massive international company with a gazillion "independent distributors" all trying to recruit their friends and neighbors to sell the product, too.

A statement credited to Billups floating around the web says he "began drinking TAHITIAN NONI Juice and after a few weeks, I noticed my endurance levels were higher and my ability to perform late in the fourth quarter had improved. I'm glad I tried it! Now it is a valuable part of my workout regimen."

Really? With an authentic quote like that, not to mention his performance down the stretch in last night's Nuggets win over the Los Angeles Lakers, I may start guzzling this amazing drink too for ... $42 a bottle?! That's more per ounce than any of drinks in Westword's magic-potion supplement taste test. Granted, the photo here is from Billups' days with the Detroit Pistons, so his Noni-endorsing days could be in his past. But if Carmelo Anthony invites you to a Noni presentation party at his house, leave your checkbook at home.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.