Cheesman cucumber seeds turn park into pickle-lover paradise: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

In all probability, the Farm and Garden Pavilion of the Denver County Fair will be packed with high-rise-condo farmers when the the blue-ribbon pickle prize is announced. Summer growers of the new Cheesman Cucumber Balcony Bush Hybrid are sure to turn the parkside neighborhood into a pickle-lover's paradise... As illustrated in the Denver Neighborhood Seed Co. packet above, Cheesman cucumber seeds grow into full-sized fruits with deep green and white residence-tower stripes. These are the perfect plants for people who are crazy for cucumbers, but don't have room in their lives for cumbersome vines. Great for condo corners and apartment window boxes.

The huge eight-to-twelve-inch cukes make this an urban farmer's favorite. And, much like Cheesman Park neighborhood residents, the Cheesman Cucumber Balcony Bush Hybrid is proven tops for productivity, flavor, versatility and pickle-ability.

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