Chris Romer proposes even more eleventh hour amendments to medical marijuana bill

Yesterday, a last-ditch effort by Republican lawmakers to derail HB 1284, a bill to regulate the medical marijuana industry, by pushing MMJ questions to the November ballot failed. That means the legislation is expected to reach the senate floor this week -- yet Senator Chris Romer is still interested in tweaking it.

Last week, Romer suggested banning 21-year olds from visiting dispensaries, among other things -- and the prospect of battling over an additional slew of last-minute MMJ proposals prompted advocate Matt Brown to declare that enough was enough.

Apparently, Romer doesn't agree -- because early this morning, he sent out an e-mail to Michael Dohr from the state's Office of Legislative Legal Services featuring another batch of alterations. Here they are:

Michael and other interested parties,

We need to split the Amendment and need a few more. I think this is it. I hope/think Spense, Massey, McCann, Sommers and I can support these. Please let me know time is short.

1) Please include all the CML technical changes with the date changes to application deadline on August 1st. Certify 70% vertical integrating by September 1st and make it illegal to operate after September 1st without having applied to the state and having paid an application fee.

2) separate amendment for optional grow license for infused products, can only be used in infused products. let infused products be blended from the trim of up to five MMJ centers.

3) separate amendment for home bound patients or disable patients which can apply and receive a waiver from Dept Health to have a Caregiver named to pick and deliver from MMJ center. (this should be indicated on their MMJ card by CDPHE)

4) separate amendment to establish a public review hearing process with 72 hours of prior notice after emergency rules in early November 2010 to up date the Department of Revenue and CDPHE on status of the industry prior to final rule making by both Departments.

5) separate amendment to lower local excise tax option to no more than 10% from 20%.

Thank you for all the feedback. What a long strange trip it has been.

Not even Phil Lesh and Bob Weir would argue with that last comment.

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