City Spirit Picnic flier is the best flier ever created by a city worker's 6-year-old kid

One could argue that e-mail, Evite and Facebook have killed the art of hand-crafting kick-ass posters to advertise your housewarming party or backyard barbecue. But if that's true, nobody bothered to tell the city of Denver -- which has gone on tempting the children of city employees to kick ass. Need proof? We offer up the posters for this year's City Spirit Picnic, one of which is the trippiest poster we've ever seen.

That poster was hand-crafted by the six-year-old daughter of a public works employee. Lest we try to describe it and fall far, far short, we'll let the artwork speak for itself. (And it does! "Do you see a turtle in the sky?")

As for whether we see a camel, we are wholeheartedly RSVP-ing yes!

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