CNBC: Colorado No. 3 for doing business

We're not that well educated, our transportation is West Virginia-esque, and you really want that much for that Highlands loft? But Colorado still ranks among the best states to do business in, according to a new study-type thing by

The financial-news channel scored all 50 states in a variety of categories -- including education, transportation, cost of business and the economy -- and then did a bunch of fancy math in order to come up with its annual America's Best States for Business rankings. Virginia came out on top, followed by Texas, Colorado, Iowa, and Utah. Alaska ranked last, despite its stronghold on the exportation of oil, whale blubber and goofy hockey moms. Colorado jumped two spots from fifth, due mostly to the fact that our economy took a slightly less murderous nosedive than the rest of the nation's.

According to Colorado's scorecard, the state was powered by its economy (No. 5 in the country), business friendliness (5), access to capital (9) and quality of life (10). Conversely, it was dragged down by transportation and infrastructure (36), education (33), cost of living (32) and presence of In n Out Burger (N/A).

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Joe Tone
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