CO Inmate Carlin Qar’Tune Williams Not Prince's Son but Kinda Amazing Anyhow

Update: In May, Carlin Qar’Tune Williams, a 39-year-old inmate at a federal prison in Florence, Colorado, filed paperwork asserting that he is the son and sole heir of Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince; see our previous coverage below.

Just over a month later, TMZ is reporting (and the Associated Press has confirmed) that DNA tests reveal there is a 0.0 percent chance of this being true.

Perhaps the only person shocked by this news is Marsha Henson, Williams's mother, who says she had unprotected sex with Prince at Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, in July 1976, when the late singer was just eighteen.

If so, their union apparently didn't produce Williams, whose Facebook page is festooned with references to Prince posted well before his untimely demise. Indeed, the aspiring rapper has plenty of music available online under the name 77princedracula.

Thus far, Williams, who's serving a seven-to-eight year jolt for unlawfully transporting a firearm, hasn't issued a response to the news. But even his failure is a victory of sorts. That an inmate has been able to make national and international news for weeks based on a claim that was clearly cockamamie from the jump demonstrates a knack for manipulating the justice system and the media that even steel bars couldn't prevent from escaping.

Learn more about Mr. Williams in our earlier report.

Original post, 12:21 p.m. May 10: Once upon a time, I had a close, personal encounter with Prince.

But not nearly as close as the one Colorado inmate Carlin Qar’Tune Williams, 39, says his mom had with the Purple One in 1976.

Williams maintains that he is Prince's sole heir.

And he wants to take a DNA test to prove it.

Tributes and tears followed Prince's death, but there's been plenty of chaos, too.

Why? Partly because of claims by his sister that he didn't leave a will.

Then, last week, a Minnesota judge reportedly authorized the release and analysis of Prince blood samples should paternity claims surface.

Enter Mr. Williams, who in 2013 pleaded guilty to unlawfully transporting a firearm. He was sentenced to serve between seven and eight years in prison here.... Florence — High USP in Florence, Colorado.

He's also a rapper who has made recordings available on ReverbNation under the name (wait for it) 77princedracula.

Here's an example.

A link to another ReverbNation page popped up on his Facebook page within the last few hours.

That one refers to him simply as "Prince Dracula."

The text accompanying the post, said to have been shared by Williams himself, reads, "we've cu 2 get our people."

See! He uses numerals in place of words — just like Prince, whose photo he posted on his timeline circa September 2015:

Among those tagged on the post is Marsha Henson, Williams's mom — who supposedly had a one-night stand with Prince in 1976, when the singer was eighteen.

TMZ cites court records in which Williams claims Henson "met Prince in the lobby of the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri back in July 1976. She says in an affidavit she drank wine with the singer and checked into a room and had unprotected sex."

Henson is also quoted as claiming that she "didn't have sex with anyone six weeks before and didn't have sex with anyone during her entire pregnancy" with Carlin.

That proves it, right?

Okay, maybe not — which is why Williams has filed paperwork in Carver County, Minnesota, asking for a DNA test to establish that he's Prince's sole heir.

How much money might he be entitled to if this assertion is proven?

Well, research I conducted yesterday near the checkout stand of a King Soopers revealed that People estimates Prince's estate to be worth $250 million, while the National Enquirer values it at $1 billion.

Whatever the case, it should provide Williams with plenty of money to spend at the Florence commissary prior to his release.

Yeah, sure. Here's a report about Prince's will, or lack thereof.

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