Coke and Pepsi bring Democrats together

Pepsi may get the glory during the Democratic National Convention when the Pepsi Center takes center stage, but Coke will be cleaning up The Can.

Last week, Coca-Cola became the “Official Recycling Provider” for the DNC – which means the company will send its employees to Denver with stolen grocery store carts to collect cans and bottles and turn them in for change.

No. Actually, it means that “Coca-Cola Recycling, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Enterprises, will help develop, support and manage a system to support recycling efforts at all official Convention venues, including the Pepsi Center, INVESCO Field at Mile High and the Colorado Convention Center,” according to a press release.

More specifically, it will “recover and recycle all paper products, plastic bottles and aluminum cans…provide biodegradable bags, liners, and recycling bins …use energy-efficient coolers and vending machines to supply beverages to Convention attendees and will deliver the beverages on hybrid electric delivery trucks.”

Coke. At the Pepsi Center. Red and Blue. A divided nation: together! – Jonathan Shikes

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