Activists Holding Pro-Impeachment Rallies in Metro Denver

Some activists in Colorado want to see Donald Trump get impeached.
Some activists in Colorado want to see Donald Trump get impeached. Michael Vadon at Flickr
’Twas the night before impeachment, and activists in Colorado were stirring.

Tonight, several dozens say they'll gather at various locations across the Denver metro area to rally in support of the U.S. House of Representatives' vote on Wednesday, December 18, to impeach President Donald Trump.

The "Nobody Is Above the Law" rallies will kick off at 5:30 p.m. outside the Aurora Public Central Library and State Capitol. The demonstrations are part of several others set to happen across the U.S., organized by the liberal civic and political action group MoveOn.

"The mobilization is part of a massive, grassroots effort to ensure Congress holds Donald Trump accountable for using military aid to pressure Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 elections. Protesters will demand that the House of Representatives fulfills its constitutional duty by impeaching Donald Trump and that the Senate remove him from office for attempting to rig the 2020 elections. Congress must show that no one — including the criminal in the White House — is above the law," reads the press release for the Aurora event.

Sixty percent of voters in Colorado hold an unfavorable view of Trump, while 38 percent view the president favorably, according to a poll released in October by Keating Research. Forty-eight percent of statewide voters believe that Trump should be removed from office, while 44 percent oppose impeachment. And nine out of ten Colorado Democrats told pollsters they support the impeachment inquiry, while nine out of ten Republicans oppose it.

Colorado's congressional caucus is split along party lines: Republicans have said they will vote against impeachment, while Democrats plan to vote for it. If a majority of representatives nationwide votes to impeach, Trump will go on trial in the Senate. Two-thirds of that body would have to convict Trump for him to be removed from office.

Speakers at the Aurora rally will include Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, executive director of the ACLU of Colorado; and Ike McCorkle, who is running against Republican Congressman Ken Buck; among others. The Denver rally will include a speech from Tay Anderson, the newly elected Denver School Board representative.

Participants are encouraged to bring signs related to impeaching Trump.

More information about the Aurora event can be found here. Click here for information about the Denver event.
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