Colorado AG John Suthers lauded by state drug investigators

Correction: Representative Tom Massey, R - Poncha Springs, was responsible for the "genie in a bottle" quote originally referenced in this blog post -- and now deleted. Our apologies.

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers was recognized by his peers yesterday for his enforcement of drug laws across the state. Yes, that's the same John Suthers who thinks

University of Colorado dorms have arrangements

with local dispensaries.

The Colorado Drug Investigators Association honored Suthers on August 18 at its annual meeting -- held in Breckenridge, ironically, the town that voted to decriminalize recreational marijuana use last year.

The organization also honored Adams County District Attorney Don Quick for what he has done to "improve" Colorado drug laws, including the state's newly created medical marijuana regulations. Quick has been a vocal skeptic of medical marijuana laws and has openly opposed the dispensary model now in place.

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