This man needs a breather.
This man needs a breather.

Colorado Avs in Denver Blogs: With Craig Anderson in net, does anyone even bother playing defense?

Welcome to the working week. Here's some Denver blogs to help you get through day one.

Derek B at Mile High Hockey on Avs goalie Craig Anderson's 48 saves en route to a victory yesterday against Dallas: "I am not sure what the Craig Anderson Debt is up to, but I am pretty sure that it will never be able to be paid back." Damn straight.

Dan Brogan at 5280 takes understandable pride in his pub's fourth National Magazine Award nomination in five years. To read the latest honoree, "Low on O2" by Lindsey E. Koehler and Natasha Gardner, click here.

Ken at Denver Infill confirms that "Justice Through the Ages," a striking mural in the slated-for-destruction Colorado Judicial Building, will be preserved -- but where it will go, no one seems to know. It deserves to be seen, not just stored.


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