Colorado Democratic Party's windows smashed for the fourth time

When employees of the Colorado Democratic Party office at 777 Santa Fe arrived to work on Monday, they were greeted with a nasty surprise: eleven smashed glass windows. But for many, it wasn't much of a surprise at all.

"I'm more annoyed than anything else," says Matt Inzeo, the dems' communication director. "This is not new to us."

The best-known window smashing at the offices took place in 2009 where, transgender activist Ariel Attack (also known as Maurice Schwenkler) was caught in the act of bashing the building's windows with a hammer.

But even before that incident, Inzeo notes that the headquarters was vandalized on two separate occasions in 2008. That October, the front door and windows were damaged by bricks, and in another attack, more windows were smashed on the other side of the building and higher up on the facade. That's right: Monday's incident marks the fourth time the Democratic headquarters has been vandalized in as many years.

Westword also reported a 2010 incident where the Denver County GOP headquarters was vandalized by drills on two consecutive days.

This time, no suspects have been apprehended, although police and insurance agents believe the perpetrator was again wielding a hammer. Inzeo admits that dealing with this matter yet again is "a distraction, when we'd rather do what we do, which is try to win elections."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.