Colorado is fourth happiest state -- despite all that stress!

The barrage of apparently contradictory surveys continues.

Just last week, we told you about American Psychological Association survey that showed Denverites are more stressed than Americans nationwide. Now comes a roundup from the Gallup Organization's Well-Being Index declaring Colorado to be the fourth happiest state, in a tie with Minnesota. We're behind just number three Wyoming (who wouldn't be happy with Dick Cheney watching the fort?), number two Hawaii (two words: Maui wowie), and number one Utah (makes sense, given all those friggin' Osmonds).

How do these results jibe? Are residents in other parts of the state so incredibly happy that they make up for the uphappiness of folks from Denver? Or are those of us in Denver able to be both stressed and happy at the same time, transmitting a vibe that's equal parts anxiety and intense satisfaction?

Of course, there's another possibility: Although these surveys can be fun, they're so unreliable, or vague, or something, that searching them for meaning can be a jumbo waste of time.

Unless, that is, Colorado places well in them. In which case they're totally accurate. Put on a happy face!

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