The Colorado Rockies during spring training -- back when there was hope.

Colorado Rockies: Let's revisit the good old days (because this season sucks)

As recently as a few weeks ago, Colorado Rockies fans dreaming about another late-season miracle took each loss like a shot to the gut. But when the Colorado Rockies lost 11-5 to the San Diego Padres last night, I can't imagine that many of them managed more than a heavy sigh. Certainly not me. After all, I pronounced the team's chances for a postseason berth doomed just over a month ago. Still, I take no joy in being right. Rather, I can't help feeling nostalgic about those days not so long ago when the CR ballers were winning and all was right with this planet of ours.

Remember when we realized that the Rockies were America's team? Remember how eager we were to take on the Boston Red Sox and establish Denver once and for all as Sportstown USA? And even after being swept out of the World Series by those very same BoSox, remember how filled with optimism everyone was during spring training 2008, which we captured in this slideshow? If you don't, click around and get that warm, satisfied feeling all over again. Because Rockies lovers won't be experiencing anything else like it in 2008. -- Michael Roberts

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