Connecting the dots on the DNC Invesco line

View image. The line to get into Invesco Field at Mile High for Barack Obama's acceptance speech last night seemed to go on forever - but just how long was it?

Using Westword's advanced mapping tools (Google, a ruler and a calculator), we traced and measured the line's route at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday. As you can see above, the event's organizers chose a, um, circuitous route through Invesco's parking lots.Unfortunately, Google's technology didn't allow us to zoom in enough to highlight the trash-strewn alleyways, slippery hillsides and former meth labs that greeted the wary, sun-baked attendees along the way.

So how long was this queue, exactly? According to our supremely questionable math, at this point in time the line was just over two miles long. In other words, stretched end to end the line would have reached to Coors Field. Of course, then those in line wouldn't have been able to enjoy all that nifty parking-lot scenery. - Joel Warner and Jared Jacang Maher

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