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Corey Haveman skips sentencing after guilty plea for starving Irish Setter to death

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Late last week, the Denver District Attorney's Office announced that 33-year-old Corey Haveman had entered an animal cruelty guilty plea after one of his two Irish Setters died from the affects of neglect and starvation; get details from the affidavit and see photos below. However, Haveman skipped the actual sentencing hearing, and at this writing, there's a warrant out for his arrest.

In January 2011, according to the aforementioned arrest affidavit, a Denver Police officer made a report against Haveman, whose two Irish Setters, Naoi and O'Malley, had been removed from his home the previous month. The two dogs allegedly suffered from what's described as "obvious malnutrition."

A few weeks later, Naoi died from malnutrition -- and O'Malley wasn't in much better shape, weighing just thirty pounds when she arrived at the Dumb Friends League. Here are two photos of her from around that time.

Haveman didn't take responsibility for the dogs' condition in a subsequent interview with a detective recapped in the affidavit. The report quotes him as denying any negligence in the care of Naoi and O'Malley. Instead, he claimed to have been unaware that the dogs weren't eating and insisted that he would never hurt the dogs.

The detective described Haveman's emotions as vacillating from "sadness to anger to mocking the legal process and back to sadness." Along the way, Haveman argued that Naoi had died because of a broken heart, not any poor behavior on his part, and guessed that O'Malley would suffer the same fate because they'd been separated.

Fortunately, this last prediction proved false. After months of care, the DA's office reports, O'Malley recovered. She now has a new home and is healthy and happy. Here are some more recent photos of her.

By the end of February 2011, authorities were ready to move forward with a charge against Haveman. But when he was told he needed to be served, he responded with an e-mail stating that he was stranded in California -- but he loved his dogs.

At that point, an arrest warrant was approved in Haveman's name.

In the end, Haveman pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals-neglect and mistreatment, a misdemeanor for which he was scheduled to serve sixty days in jail. But he didn't turn up for his formal sentencing yesterday, prompting another warrant to be issued for him.

Here's a larger look at Haveman's mug shot, followed by the arrest affidavit.

Corey Haverman Arrest Affadavit

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