Countdown to next Brandon Marshall "injury" begins

It didn't take long. First, Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall was acquitted of wrongdoing in a battery trial in Atlanta. Then, on Sunday, he returned to the practice field when a supposedly minor injury that had somehow managed to keep him out of action since late July miraculously improved. And yesterday, Marshall's agent, Kennard McGuire, demanded a fat new contract for his client, and when the Broncos said, "Fat chance," BM reiterated his demand for a trade -- to which the Broncos presumably responded with peals of laughter.

Does Marshall deserve a reworked deal? For a purely athletic perspective, a case can certainly be made if he's healthy -- and that's something his play in upcoming games will help determine. Trouble is, Marshall's extracurricular activities remain a question mark. Yesterday on FM 104.3 The Fan, a caller said he'd seen Marshall and pals boozing it up at an after-hours club during the wee hours of Sunday morning, shortly before his return to practice. Host Mike Evans wisely declined to take this claim on faith; there's nothing to stop an anonymous fan from exaggerating and/or making shit up in a forum like that. But Evans did point out that Marshall has to prove by his behavior in all facets of his life that he's worth a major investment. As such, he can either quit whining, put up big numbers on the field and avoid making the wrong kind of headlines, thereby upping the odds that the Broncos will reward him with a large payday -- or he can pretend to stub his toe and sit out for another month to express his displeasure.

Although I'd love to be proven wrong, my money's on the toe stub.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.