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COVID-19 Colorado: Most New Daily Cases in Two Months

Hospitalizations tied to the novel coronavirus are way up, too.
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Although Colorado is not yet experiencing COVID-19 case spikes of the sort being seen in Florida, Texas and Arizona, the rising number of positive tests, which just hit the highest point for daily diagnoses in two months, clearly demonstrates that the state is losing ground in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The 461 positives recorded on July 10 were the most for a single day in more than two months, and the July 11 total of 433 marked the third day in a row that new cases exceeded 400. And while the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment insists that the increase is tied in part to reporting anomalies, that case increase was accompanied by a continuing leap in hospitalizations: The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 on July 12 was the highest since early June.

Here are the latest cumulative COVID-19 stats for Colorado from the CDPHE, updated at 4 p.m. on July 12:
36,913 Cases
5,895 Hospitalized
61 Counties
396,363 People Tested
398 Outbreaks
1,725 Deaths Among Cases
1,586 Deaths Due to COVID-19
As for new daily cases, they've climbed substantially since the beginning of the month (albeit with a few dips), as seen in this rundown:
July 1: 299 cases
July 2: 349 cases
July 3: 352 cases
July 4: 295 cases
July 5: 233 cases
July 6: 260 cases
July 7: 300 cases
July 8: 372 cases
July 9: 450 cases
July 10: 461 cases
July 11: 433 cases
The 461 new cases on July 10 were the most on a single day since 482 on May 8. While both numbers are well beneath the peak of 725 new cases on April 25, they were concerning enough that the CDPHE tried to put the latest bump in perspective with a July 10 tweet noting that it was "partly due to a backlog of tests that were just processed" — a predictable outcome of enormous demand for free COVID-19 testing at the Pepsi Center, which was shut down early on July 7 because wait times stretched well over an hour. A new limit of 2,000 daily exams is now in place.

But that CDPHE tweet then added, "While some of the increase is also due to more testing, Coloradans are having more interactions with one another."

Even if tardy test processing can partially explain the rise in positive cases, it doesn't apply to the increasingly high rate of hospitalizations, up nearly 53 percent since the beginning of July. These are the daily stats for the month to date:
July 1: 144
July 2: 147
July 3: 147
July 4: 155
July 5: 171
July 6: 165
July 7: 173
July 8: 184
July 9: 202
July 10: 211
July 11: 215
July 12: 220
The 220 hospitalizations on July 12 are the most since June 4, when the total was June 4. Since the dawn of the pandemic, the highest number of daily hospitalizations recorded in Colorado was 888, on April 14.

If there's any good news in all these figures, it's that deaths from COVID-19 are way down from April. That month, three different days — April 9, April 13 and April 22 — each tallied 37 deaths. This is the July rundown:
July 1: 2
July 2: 3
July 3: 0
July 4: 2
July 5: 1
July 6: 3
July 7: 5
July 8: 3
July 9: 1
July 10: 0
July 11: 1
Unfortunately, the boosts in cases and hospitalizations raise the fear that these gains can also be reversed.
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