Crystal Sharp Designs for Cydney Payton

Today's entry into the Cydney Payton Design Challenge comes from Crystal Sharp, whom everyone knows as the proprietor of She She on South Broadway and Bayaud.

Check out her design, and then go here to see the slideshow of what she -- and the other eleven designers competing in the Tamarac Square Fashion Project -- produced for last week's runway show. Don't forget, we're down to the last 24 hours to vote for your favorite...

Here's Crystal's artist's statement about the design for Cydney:

My initial thoughts on this project was to keep my design simple, classic and conservative. Then I began to think about what a unique career Cydney Payton has, and how unlike many other professions, hers is directly tethered to the creative process on a daily basis. Therefore, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to design something that not only is classic and comfortable but something that would blend a sense of modernism and style.

I feel that by creating a design with multiple pieces you will be able to incorporate them separately into your everyday wardrobe.

Details from the sketch:

* T-length pant with cuff. * Open boat collar with black beading * Fitted jacket with a cinched waist and ¾ sleeve * Bracelet and earrings made with aqua quartz and black crystal

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Amy Haimerl