CU Chancellor, obviously high, sends students finger-wagging e-mail about staying clean on 4/20

For some genuine comedy today, I wanted to share with you the e-mail I just received as a student at CU Boulder. It states that I shouldn't go to the famous CU 4/20 event -- where students gather in the center of the campus to "celebrate" International Cannibis Day -- if I care about values, my university and patriotism in general. Well, call me a crazy-anarchist-hippie-stoner-Antichrist, but I think when a baskeball arena's worth of people is planning to show up for something, a simple e-mail won't exactly deter them one way or another.

I'm not saying CU shouldn't be doing something. But the e-mail, signed by interim chancellor Phil DiStefano, vice chancellor of student affairs Julie Wong and dean of students Deb Coffin, is the most half-assed, bullshit attempt imaginable to control ANYTHING, let alone an event that's expected to draw a crowd of 15,000. It's like a parent leaving a box of matches on the floor, right next to, oh, I don't know, some lighter fluid, and then mentioning that maybe you shouldn't burn down the house as they walk out the door.

Well, Phil, Julie and Deb, maybe you should either accept this international event or actually try to stop it. Put your joint down and give students the respect of an actual conversation about 4/20.

Read the e-mail right after the jump:

TO: All CU-Boulder Students FROM: Office of the Chancellor

DATE: April 15, 2009 SUBJECT: A statement from the CU-Boulder leadership to CU Students on the 4/20 gathering

Dear Students:

As another April 20 approaches, we are faced with concerns from students, parents, alumni, Regents, and community members about a repeat of last year's 4/20 "event."

Let us start by saying that we share their concerns. A gathering of thousands on our campus for the sole purpose of engaging in unlawful activity is contrary to everything that CU-Boulder stands for and is in no way condoned. This event only serves to harm the reputation of this great university and is comprised in large part of individuals with no investment in the university at all.

The increasingly large crowds that have gathered in recent years present safety risks for participants, whether students or people not affiliated with the campus. This activity violates a number of campus regulations designed to provide for the well-being of our campus and neighboring community.

On April 20, 2009, we hope that you will choose not to participate in unlawful activity that debases the reputation of your University and degree, and will encourage your fellow Buffs to act with pride and remember who they really are -- part of a dynamic environment of teaching, research, learning, and service, nationally recognized for its unique and stellar academic programs, outstanding faculty, and proud students and alumni.


Phil DiStefano Interim Chancellor

Julie Wong Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Deb Coffin Dean of Students

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.