CU-Nebraska series to continue regularly after conference realignment? Fat chance

In Nebraska, the Cornhuskers' likely leap to the Big 10 is the biggest news since the temporary discontinuation of red M&Ms. Note that the Omaha World-Herald is live blogging today's regents meeting on the subject.

Also in the World-Herald: A CU official says the school's open to continuing the CU-Nebraska series even though the Buffs are Pac-10 bound. Like that's gonna happen.

The official in question is associate athletic director Dave Plati, who initially says CU is looking forward to regularly meeting Nebraska in the Rose Bowl, where Pac 10 and Big 10 champs traditionally meet on New Years Day.

World-Herald reporter Lee Barfknecht transitions from that comment with the phrase "All humor aside" -- which indicates how few Nebraskans can picture CU reaching any bowl game in the near future, let alone one of the most prestigious in college sports.

After that, Plati adds, "If it would work out, we'd be very open to playing Nebraska in a series... Not on a yearly basis. But as an alum of this school and a longtime employee, I'd like to see it continue off and on.''

Put your money on a helluva lot more off than on.

Once CU formally joins the Pac 10, it's main focus will be the future, not the past -- which is appropriate considering that the revenue infusion the university's likely to receive as part of the move will offer the opportunity for a badly needed fresh start.

Yes, that is a reference to Dan Hawkins.

Moreover, Nebraska has a tradition of taking on creampuffs during the non-conference portion of its schedule -- schools even less competitive than today's version of CU (if that can be imagined). Note that in 2010, Nebraska first four contests feature the likes of Western Kentucky, Idaho and South Dakota State, none of which qualify as a powerhouse.

Granted, Nebraska will also play a game early in the season against Washington, a Pac 10 school. But holding one of those valuable slots for CU on anything like a regular basis doesn't make sense for either school.

I can envision one game between them in the first several years after they've settled in their new conferences. After that, I wouldn't be surprised if another rematch was put on hold for a decade -- long enough to be able to hype the game for its nostalgia-value.

By then, hopefully, CU will be good enough to actually give Nebraska a game.

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