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CU to host Cannabis Health Fair

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Colorado's confusing medical-marijuana laws have led to plenty of puffing on all sides of the issue, with the Cannabis Therapy Institute taking a leading role in pushing for greater availability of what it sees as a healing weed. Last week, the organization joined forces with other medical-marijuana advocates as part of the Medical Cannabis Policy Group, which sent a letter to officials across the state seeking greater communication and cooperation on the subject. And now, CTI is sponsoring what it calls a "Cannabis Health Fair" on Saturday, September 12, at the University of Colorado at Boulder campus -- an appropriate place for such a gathering. There's unlikely to be much crossover between the displays at this event and those at, say, the 9News Health Fair: Numerous medical-marijuana dispensaries plan to participate, as do "other hemp and cannabis-related businesses." The goal: "to answer questions about cannabis as medicine and how to become a legal patient in Colorado."

Good news, CU students: You've got more than a week to develop chronic pain. In the meantime, read the CTI release by clicking "Continue."

*Cannabis Health Fair Educates Public*

[Boulder, CO] -- The Cannabis Therapy Institute is hosting a Cannabis Health Fair on Saturday, Sept. 12 at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The Cannabis Health Fair is a full-day patient outreach event designed to answer questions about cannabis as medicine and how to become a legal patient in Colorado. There will be displays from medical cannabis dispensaries as well as other hemp and cannabis-related businesses.

The Cannabis Health Fair will bring together some of the top experts in the state to discuss the medical, legal and societal aspects of medicinal cannabis. The speakers include:

- Rob Corry, Esq.: Medical cannabis attorney - Won first Colorado medical mj. jury trial

- Dr. Robert Melamede: Associate Professor, Biology Department, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and cannabinoid expert (Cannabis Science, Inc.)

- Jason Lauve: Medical cannabis patient and first medical defendant acquitted by a Colorado jury

- Dr. Jade E. Dillon, MD: Dr. Dillon is experienced with the Medical Marijuana Registry process and will discuss the basics of the Registry and medical conditions that qualify a patient.

- Timothy Tipton: Patient advocate and court-appointed cannabis expert, Rocky Mountain Caregivers' Cooperative

- Erin Marcove: Cannabis therapist

- Meet Your Cannabis Professionals Segment: The last hour of the Fair will feature presentations by some local dispensaries and other cannabis professionals.

More information about the speakers can be found on our website: http://www.cannabishealthfair.com/

"The medical cannabis field is growing rapidly in the state," says Laura Kriho, outreach director for the Cannabis Therapy Institute. "Our goal is to educate not only potential patients and caregivers, but lawmakers and medical professionals as well. Cannabis is a safe and effective medicine that has been used by humans for over 10,000 years. Colorado could be at the forefront of medical cannabis research and development in this country, creating new jobs with a focus on helping patients. The Cannabis Health Fair will help the public understand how this new 'green economy' can safely benefit both patients and the community."

Andrew Orr, student coordinator for NORML@CU, is excited to continue to bring quality cannabis education to CU students and the Boulder community. Their National Marijuana Forum in April 2009 brought in national speakers on cannabis law reform.

"Every year, students and faculty alike need to be educated with accurate information about their rights as medical users of cannabis," says Orr. "Forums like this present an essential opportunity to bring the facts to light about how safe and effective cannabis is for a variety of serious medical conditions. It's time to dispel the misconceptions regarding cannabis use."

Some of the Sponsors and Participants include:

AlterMeds (Louisville dispensary) http://www.altermeds.com

Boulder County Caregivers (Boulder dispensary) http://www.bccare.net

Cannabis Science, Inc. (Colorado Springs pharmaceutical research) http://www.cannabisscience.com/

Cannamart, Inc. (Greenwood Village Dispensary) http://www.cannamart.com/

Cannamed USA (Boulder and Denver medical clinic) http://www.cannamedusa.com/

GreenBelly Co-op (Boulder Co-op) http://greenbellycoop.com/

Highland Health (Denver Dispensary) http://www.highlandhealthdenver.com

Magic's Emporium (Loveland Dispensary) http://www.magicsemporium.com

Mile High Medical Gardens (Castle Rock Dispensary) http://www.asportstherapist.com

Patients Choice Of Colorado (Denver Dispensary) http://www.patientschoiceofcolorado.com

THC Ministry of Boulder (Spiritual Sanctuary) http://www.thc-ministry.org

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.