The University of Colorado Hospital.

CU's hospital plays the branding game

News that the University of Colorado Hospital has hired a PR firm, dovetail solutions, that "centers on the idea of community investment" as a way "to promote brand awareness and help the bottom line," probably won't make headlines anywhere, but it does raise a question or two. Like: Why?

Through its affiliations with CU Denver and the Health Sciences Center, the hospital already has access to a contingent of competent marketing and PR professionals. But its move to the lavish Fitzsimons campus over the past few years hasn't been without controversy. For previous reports on the turmoil and how it affected researchers at the Health Sciences Center, see "Throwing Fitz" and "Making Nice." Although much of that storm has passed, maybe hospital administrators figure they need outside experts to help build brand awareness in today's competitive health-care marketplace.

Then again, they may just be trying to let folks know that Denver's cutting-edge, academic medical center is now way the hell out in Aurora. -- Alan Prendergast


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