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D-Town Comics Stand Up

Denver comics are coming out swinging once again on

Last Comic Standing

. Unless you’ve been getting molested under a rock for the past year you already know about local-boy-done-funny Josh Blue winning that title last year, then relentlessly touring the country playing sold-out shows. But if you watched the first few, we-traveled-the-globe-searching-for-the-top-talent episodes this season, you’ve seen a number of comics repping Colorado getting some face time. Last night’s episode highlighting the Tempe auditions, was no exception. A few of those comics include: Hippieman, Chris Voth and, more prominently, Andrew Orvedahl and Chuck Roy.

Orvedahl – with whom I traveled to Tempe from Denver, (don’t ask me how my audition went) – impressed the judges enough from the off-the-street auditions that he moved on to that evening’s showcase and was interviewed behind the scenes, where he mostly just bitched about how tired he was. But even when bitching Andrew’s pretty funny.

Chuck Roy was also featured throughout last night’s episode and repped Denver to the fullest. “We put on a heck of a show in Denver,” he beamed, before advancing to the next round in Los Angeles, one of just 32 comics from the global search to do so. Must be something in the water, huh Chuck? But Chuck would probably just respond that it’s something in the beer. Stay tuned. Things just seem to keep popping for funnymen from the Mile High City. -- Adam Cayton-Holland

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.