Dan Caplis wants Jared Polis to apologize for beer-bonging

Representative Jared Polis' decision to beer bong a Coors Light during a Monday appearance on The Colbert Report was hilarious, but it also carried the risk of political consequences. As of yesterday morning, commentators in politically correct Boulder were mostly taking Polis' stunt in stride -- but not KHOW conservative finger-wagger Dan Caplis. During his show Wednesday afternoon, he narrated audio from the clip -- it can be viewed by clicking the first link above -- with the disappointed tone of a dad whose kid just vomited in the begonias, then said that given the scourge of binge drinking in this country, Polis should apologize for his poor judgment. Considering that CU students are returning to campus today (an event Boulder cops are marking with stepped-up DUI patrols), expect the Capster, a CU alum, to return to this theme today -- and anticipate that Polis will ignore him while funneling the brew of his choice.
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