Dan Maes's quiet hiring of new campaign manager, defense of Kansas cop firing story

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"Peter Boyles hasn't been a friend of Dan Maes from the beginning," notes Strauch about the radio personality, who's been supporting his longtime friend Tancredo. "One has to take what he says about things with a grain of salt.

"Dan did the interview with the AP to clear the air," he goes on. "There was a lot of misinformation, and he wanted to get out his story. And the AP sent a reporter to Liberal and was able to confirm at least some of what Dan said" -- specifically, that a bookmaking investigation had been conducted back then, albeit one that never went anywhere and made no mention of Maes's participation.

As for the response to the piece, Strauch maintains that "the information we've seen from the grassroots side of things -- Dan's supporters, and people who used to support him and are coming back around -- has been very positive. It's what Dan has always said. When people hear his side of the story, they shake their heads and say, 'Okay, that makes sense.'"

At the same time, Strauch doesn't deny that Maes has been damaged by negative stories, which he blames for a Tuesday Rasmussen Reports poll showing him actually trailing Tancredo -- although both conservatives remained far behind Democratic frontrunner John Hickenlooper.

"No candidate could possibly have survived the onslaught Dan has undergone in the past couple of weeks without taking a hit in the polls," Strauch allows.

But he sees an upturn on the horizon.

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