Daniel Monkert's Facebook post after low-speed chase in stolen trash truck: "Help"

Why did Daniel Monkert allegedly steal a trash truck and lead authorities on a strange low-speed chase? The reasons aren't spelled out on his Facebook page, but his posts over the past few days are notably odd -- including a single word shared during the wee hours of this morning, shortly after his arrest on a variety of charges: "help."

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What happened? At about 3:07 p.m. yesterday afternoon, according to a City of Boulder release, the driver of a Western Disposal truck was emptying trash when a man hopped into the vehicle and drove away.

The truck headed eastbound on U.S. 36, and as you can imagine, it didn't do so quickly. Speeds in the chase are estimated at thirty miles per hour, allowing the cops to catch up quickly.

Police deployed stop sticks near McCaslin, but while they did some damage to one tire, they didn't halt the truck's progress. The vehicle kept rolling, exiting onto Wadsworth before high-centering on a median at the Highway 287 loop, south of Midway Boulevard.

A 9News viewer captured several shots of officers busting Monkert. Here's one....

...and here's another: Monkert's Facebook page notes that he studied at the University of Charleston before moving to Boulder and taking a job at a moving-and-storage company -- a gig that hints at his big-truck-driving expertise.

Over the past week, his posts have been highly varied. He praises veterans and "women in this country," who " just do not get enough thanks and and praise for the efforts" -- but he also put up a rambling personal essay that touches on errors, guns and fame. It reads:

I make mistakes for that I appologize. I dont always observer every aspect but a few things are for sure I have a heart of gold and most importantly I NEVER EVER turn my back on the ones I love under no circumstances if thats a doubt ask anyone who knows me the only thing I ask is dont cross me or my family and my family is not necessarily blood. I am not a violent person and do not wish death on anyone I am NOT support of the people being stripped of there second amendment right.

YES I will over come my past and make something of my self so I can give back to my family and the people who have given to me. Believe in the un believable and good change can be possible.

Final note I do not want to be famous or the richest man alive I wanna make a difference and one day be a provider for a family of my own.

On that note I am all in.

Yesterday's posts cover even more of the map. Hours before the trash truck incident, he wrote, "someone please give me a hand I am tired of these games," followed swiftly by this graphic:

After that came items about a "chubby kitty," a meme featuring a German shepherd cuddling with a toddler, the word "really" and this musical moment: "oh when the saints go marching in oh when the saints go marching in oh well I love to be in that number when the saints go marching in who dat."

After that, silence...before his after-midnight plea for "help."

He'll need it: Charges against him are expected to include auto theft, careless driving and eluding a police officer -- albeit not for very long.

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