Darrell Colwell Allegedly Used iPad to Take Videos Up Women's Skirts

The Facebook photo above shows Darrell Colwell dressed in Old West finery.

But the Colorado Springs Police Department believes he's actually quite tech savvy, albeit in an extremely disgusting sort of way.

Colwell has been accused of using an iPad to shoot video up women's skirts and shorts — a significant upgrade over the gear used by similar pervs we've previously written about in this space. And that's among the factors that make him a worthy candidate for Schmuck of the Week honors.

The incident in question took place last month and got lost in the pre-holiday shuffle. But when it comes to creepiness, it definitely stands the test of time.

On December 7, according to the CSPD, officers with the department's crimes against children's unit received a report about a man capturing video of women and juvenile females at a King Soopers located at 3620 Austin Bluffs Parkway.

Unfortunately for Colwell, he, too, was caught on video — by the store's surveillance system.

What was he doing?

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by KKTV, his technique involved putting an iPad in a handheld basket and then getting close to females of various ages — occasionally even bumping into them — while pretending to be looking for something on shelves near them. In the process, he used the tablet to surreptitiously record footage of their nether regions.

Between 2006 and 2011, Joshua Vohs did much the same thing, but his gadgetry was more primitive; in one case, he actually duct-taped a video camera to his shoe. The most recent bust we covered took place at a Grand Junction City Market — a grocery chain affiliated with King Soopers.

In 2014, Michael Schwairy was also accused of what law enforcement calls "up-skirting." But he used an iPhone to capture the images at a King Soopers in the Denver area.

Given the number of times this kind of thing has happened, you can bet King Soopers employees know what to look for — which likely explains why the alert about Colwell was sounded by a loss-prevention officer at the Colorado Springs store.

On December 10, Colwell was busted on a felony invasion-of-privacy beef, bringing to an end the latest video spree. And as much as we hope not to be writing about someone doing the same thing a few years from now, we fear it could happen again — but maybe with Google Glass.

Here's a photo of Colwell circulated by the CSPD, followed by a KKTV report.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.