Darrent Williams murder: Anderson, Jackson-Keeling sentenced to year in prison

Two associates of Willie Clark, who was convicted in March of Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams's 2007 murder, were sentenced today to a year in prison each for refusing to testify at his trial, despite the fact that prosecutors say they were with Clark when he shot into Williams' limo.

As per a plea deal, Kataina "Markie" Jackson-Keeling, 21, and Mario Anderson, 23, will also concurrently serve three months for pleading guilty to accessory to perjury charges.

The pair was supposed to be sentenced Tuesday, but they didn't show up for their court date. Warrants were issued for their arrests, and the men were soon in custody. Their sentencing was rescheduled to today.

Now, they're headed back to custody -- although for a much, much shorter time than Clark, whose sentence is 1,152 times longer than that of his tight-lipped maybe-accomplices.

To read more about how he ended up there, check out the Westword feature "The Evidence that Put Willie Clark Away."

Hint: It doesn't include eyewitness accounts from Jackson-Keeling and Anderson.

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