Dave Logan invades Tom Martino's territory with TeamDaveLogan.com

There could be some tension at the next Clear Channel Denver staff meeting. Dave Logan, longtime voice of the Broncos and co-host of the KOA afternoon-drive program The Ride Home (as well as a former high school athlete recently honored as being one of the fifty best ever by Parade magazine), is launching a new website called TeamDaveLogan.com, which will specialize in home-improvement referrals. The new enterprise is scheduled to launch on June 1 -- the very same day that fellow Clear Channel Denver personality Tom Martino is slated to debut Martino TV, which will charge businesses to receive his de facto endorsement.

Actually, though, Logan's project more closely resembles another Martino operation, ReferralList.com. Like that site, TeamDaveLogan.com promises to put its stamp of approval on only the best firms in the field, and to help resolve problems when they crop up. But company spokeswoman Lori Grey says Logan's site will emphasize a team concept -- having contractors with certain skill sets recommend other specialists who are also affiliated with TeamDaveLogan.com.

Grey adds that Logan won't be talking about the business on his radio show, unlike Martino. And he won't be trading on his reputation as a consumer advocate and television reporter, as does the self-proclaimed "Troubleshooter," who denies being a "journalist" despite regularly playing one on TV. For that reason, the ethical issues that Martino's actions have long raised don't really apply in Logan's case. It'll be interesting to see if his new enterprise cuts into Martino's action -- and how Big Tom reacts.

Read the TeamDaveLogan.com press release after the jump:

TeamDaveLogan.com a new player in Home Improvement Referral sites.

Colorado knows Dave Logan. He's a fixture on sports radio, the voice of the Broncos, championship winning Mullen high school football coach and a trusted leader in the community. Now, Dave "the coach" is recruiting a new team of pros... the top performing home improvement providers in the state for the launch of TeamDaveLogan.com.

TeamDaveLogan.com is a consumer referral network scheduled to launch June 1st. It's a consumer-friendly, online resource that hosts a team of home improvement businesses that all share the same goals of excellence and customer satisfaction.

"Teamwork a natural fit for this sector of business," Logan states, "TeamDaveLogan.com performs with the power of teamwork... a force untapped by the Colorado marketplace until now. We're about giving the best home product and service providers a winning home field where they can combine their strengths and build lasting relationships with each other and the valued customers they serve."

Therefore, TeamDaveLogan.com is more than a business listing. Members are held to stringent quality standards and enjoy the benefits of networking with other businesses like themselves. Here, the field is in place to foster more successful business to business and business to consumer partnerships.

General Sales Manager, Lori Grey believes that this team concept is exactly what good businesses and tough economic times call for, "Team Dave Logan brings out the best in business. We don't do home improvement, but we help the top professionals in this arena achieve the highest result for themselves and their customers now and in the future."

Consumers can navigate Teamdavelogan.com easily and will soon make it their number one resource for home services. If ever a customer is unsatisfied, they have the added security of knowing the site has an area dedicated to resolution.

It's the right click for your home.

Look for the exciting launch of TeamDaveLogan.com, June 1, 2009.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.