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Dave Logan linked by Mullen to recruiting violations at the school

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The fallout from Mullen High School's firing of mega-successful celebrity football coach Dave Logan has been long, loud and contentious. And the chatter will likely ramp up again in the wake of a meeting last night at which Mullen officials accused Logan's staff of committing recruiting violations -- a remarkable assertion given that most observers of high school athletics have believed the Logan regime has been engaged in this practice for years.

One of Colorado's best athletes ever, Logan, who's currently a KOA radio host and voice of the Denver Broncos, has avoided getting into details of his dismissal on the air, and he's done his best to take the high road in statements released about the situation. While he's typically been extremely accessible, he has not responded to multiple interview requests from Westword.

In contrast, many of Logan's current and former players have been burning up Facebook and other social media outlets complaining about the decision to send him packing -- and that's not to mention a petition signed by hundreds of students. He clearly engenders a tremendous amount of loyalty among the young men he's mentored.

Is that because of the part he played in luring them to Mullen, a Catholic high school? I'm a member of the Chatfield High School community because all three of my children graduated from the institution, where Logan once coached. As such, I know well that Logan led Chatfield to the 2001 state championship with a big assist from future NFL player LenDale White, who did not live in immediate area. And over the years since he left, Mullen has cherry-picked fine athletes who would otherwise have attended Chatfield. Such moves didn't lead to hatred or resentment of Logan, who remains a popular figure. But even if observers don't have incontrovertible evidence that recruiting has taken place, the vast majority of them are convinced it's true.

That's not the same as proof, of course, and neither are the three state championships won by Mullen during Logan's tenure. But recruiting-oriented allegations made by Mullen CEO/President Ryan Clement, part of a new administration committed to Lasallian education, certainly restate this theme.

It remains to be seen if this controversy puts the kibosh on Logan's possible leap to Cherry Creek High School; current Creek coach Mike Brookhart has stepped down, potentially making room for Logan. But whatever happens, the subject of high school recruiting, which is usually debated in whispered tones, is suddenly front and center.

Look below to see 9News' coverage of last night's meeting.

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