David Sirota-Sean Paige cage match scheduled -- with honor of Colorado Springs on the line!

On Monday, we told you about the rhetorical battle between AM 760 host/columnist David Sirota, who thinks Colorado Springs' conservative fiscal policies are largely responsible for the community's sizable economic woes, and Springs councilman Sean Paige, who sees Sirota's views as a cruel attack on a great American town.

Since then, the fight's escalated, with Paige publishing a version of his initial Huffington Post attack on Sirota in the Denver Post. And at around 9 a.m. this morning on AM 760, Paige is expected to guest on Sirota's show to continue the verbal fisticuffs. And Sirota makes it clear he's ready.

"I'm glad he's willing to come on the show and discuss what's going on in Colorado Springs," Sirota notes via e-mail. He adds, "I'm looking forward to hearing a supposed 'family values' conservative tell Coloradans how, during this recession, cutting social services and ordering a police crackdown on homeless people is anything but cruel and unusual right-wing extremism."

The pair should have a lot to discuss -- including a proposed new ordinance that would essentially ban homeless tent cities that have popped up in the Springs. (In an initial vote, the council supported the measure 8-1, with the only "nay" coming from councilman Tom Gallagher, who was once homeless himself.)

One more thing. Beginning at 8 a.m., Sirota will be joined by another person featured in this space: Nic Gray, an Iraq war vet who's hoping an innovative El Paso County veterans treatment court can help him find justice. Read about Gray in reporter Joel Warner's feature, and see him tell his story in a video accessible here.

It should be a fascinating and appropriate prelude to what's likely to be a memorable war of words.

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