David Sirota sneaks F-word onto Denver Post website after medical marijuana lab raid: Congrats!

The Denver Post prides itself on being a family newspaper -- but its embrace of social media can make it difficult to keep grown-up language at bay.

Case in point: On Friday, AM 760 host David Sirota, whose syndicated column frequently appears in the Post , tweeted about a Joel Warner post revealing that the DEA had raided a Colorado Springs medical marijuana lab. His comment, which could also apply to the bust that same day of marijuana grower Chris Bartkowicz -- "Obama tells DEA to respect states' marijuana laws, DEA says 'fuck you' to Obama and to the state" -- instantly popped up on the live Twitter feed from the Post's politics home page, seen here in a screen capture, and lingered there for over twenty minutes.

On behalf of America's parents, I'd like to say I'm absolutely fucking shocked.

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