Davirak Ky faces child abuse and assault charges for giving teens marijuana cookies

Last December, as you'll recall, CU student Thomas Cunningham was busted for "pot brownie assault" -- allegedly feeding a teacher and fellow pupils marijuana-laced treats. Cunningham ultimately received a two-year deferred sentence that will be wiped from his record if he stays out of trouble.

Davirak Ky may not be so lucky. He, too, is accused of giving unsuspecting people weed edibles -- specifically, marijuana cookies. But because the diners in his case were juveniles, he faces child abuse charges and more.

The allegations against Ky are outlined in a probable cause statement seen below in its entirety.

Just after midnight on November 3, according to the document, officers were dispatched to a home on North Crown Boulevard on what's termed "a report of a disturbance."

There, they encountered the mother of two boys -- one thirteen, the other fifteen. She told them Ky, age forty, had brought cookie dough with which to make goodies for the teens.

After the boys ate them, however, their mom said they became "giggly and agitated."

As for Ky, he's said to have been "irritated" by the officers' arrival and reacted by yelling at them.

Apparently, either he didn't eat any of the cookies or they failed to mellow him out.

The teens were subsequently transported to Denver Health, where they tested positive for marijuana. Additional analysis was also recommended, since the victims also showed signs of high-blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat -- symptoms not normally associated with pot.

The next day, Ky was arrested, and he's now been hit with a six separate charges: two counts apiece of misdemeanor child abuse, plus two apiece for second-degree assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The latter four beefs are felonies.

Not so sweet. Here's a larger look at Ky's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned probable cause statement.

Davirak Ky Probable Cause Statement

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