Dead Drop Denver: Guerilla tech project allows file sharing by downloading "from the wall"

The Dead Drop movement/art project is tech-savvy variation on freedom of expression. All around the country, bare-bone USB keys are being affixed to walls, railings and trees so people everywhere can use them for offline, anonymous file sharing with their fellow techies -- poems, photos, recipes, you name it. Now, thanks to the local company Iondesigns, Dead Drop has dropped in on Denver.

The concept, started in New York in October 2010 by Aram Bartholl, is simple: Find one of the USB dongles strategically placed in some public space, plug in your gizmo of choice, download some of the cool stuff others have left behind and maybe upload some miscellanea of your own. No passwords, no monthly subscription fees, no DRM shenanigans.

And as first reported by Denver Egotist, consider Denver Dead Dropped. The video below captures how the installation went down. So where can folks find this wall-mounted USB for the people? A map on IonDesigns' website pinpoints Dead Drops: Right now, the only one looks to be in the little park by Larimer and 14 streets, just off Speer Boulevard. Alternatively, you can download the Dead Drop Android app, which will direct you right to the hot spot.

So check it out -- and let us know what treasures (or junk) you find in the wall.

deadDropzz from patrick ortell on Vimeo.

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