Dear Stoner: Are Childproof Bags Always Needed at Dispensaries?

Dear Stoner: Some of the dispensaries I go to make me use a locked bag so it’s “childproof” when I leave, but others just let me walk out with a paper bag full of pot. What gives?

Dear Kenny: Ever notice a pattern in the packaging your buds come in when you don’t need the childproof bag? The pharmaceutical pop-top and push-down bottles many dispensaries use for packaging herb and infused products are already considered childproof, so there’s no $4 bag necessary, but some dispensaries sell products in resealable plastic bags and jars. A curious toddler (or an octopus) can open resealable bags and jars with relative ease, so to comply with state laws, you must leave the dispensary with your purchase locked and keep it that way around children — as a responsible pothead should. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know which shops carry what until you’re pulling out your money, so next time you’re about to restock, call ahead and ask what your dispensary uses. And if you’ve already spent $20 on bags that are now lying useless around the house, like I have, move a few to the trunk of your car so you’ll always be prepared. And on a related note, make sure you have cash at the ready for any dispensary visit. Most shops are still cash-only, and paying extra ATM fees or driving around around in search of your bank’s nearest branch are two more avoidable money-wasters.

Dear Stoner: I read your article about edibles a few days ago and am trying to reach Julie’s Natural Edibles, but I can’t find her on your website. I can’t find her phone number or place of residence, either. How can I get in touch?

Dear Mike: Most marijuana cultivators and product manufacturers prefer to keep their business addresses and other contact information hidden as best they can. Yes, pot is legal here, but thousands of dollars’ worth of products that are incredibly alluring to thieves and the black market are kept in such grow and manufacturing facilities, and because the Colorado marijuana industry is still predominantly cash-only, there’s even more at stake for their owners. As a result, some cannabis businesses like Julie’s request that we don’t list their addresses — and we respect their wishes. However, as is the case with most legitimate endeavors these days, you can find more information on the company’s website (juliesnaturaledibles.com) and Facebook page.

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