Dear Stoner: Do True Hybrids Still Exist?

Dear Stoner: I’ve tried sativas and indicas, and they’re all fine and dandy, but I’m looking for something more in the middle. What are some good hybrids that are actually hybrids?
Happy Jack

Dear Jack: All hybrids are actually hybrids. In fact, nearly all of the strains you’ll find nowadays are hybrids, but it’s easier for people to label something that’s 80 to 90 percent indica as “indica” instead of “indica-dominant hybrid” and then have to explain what that means. But I’m guessing you mean something like a 50/50 hybrid, many of which you’ve probably seen or tried around town.

Anything with Cookies genetics should be somewhere close to what you’re looking for, though these tend to be potent and could knock you out like an indica if you don’t have a high tolerance. Flo is a classic 50/50 hybrid, bred between a landrace indica (Afghan) and a powerful sativa (Purple Thai). It relieves stress but can be a great, clear-headed daytime strain, making it a good choice if you don’t like the couch lock of indicas or paranoia from sativas. UK Cheese is another timeless hybrid worth checking out, if only for its funky, fruity flavor — but the uplifting high is pretty sweet, too. Blue Dream, Cantaloupe Kush, New York City Diesel and Purple Trainwreck are some other hybrid strains that have been known to give users balanced effects, though they aren’t the same for everyone, and strains aren’t always what they claim. For example, I’ve seen potheads — myself included — get knocked out by Blue Dream.

Dear Stoner: A friend of mine swears he can roll a joint with one hand. We didn’t have weed to try it out, but I still don’t believe him. Is that possible?

Dear Fernie: Does your friend make a lot of bold claims about his athletic prowess, and do most of his feats occur when no witnesses are around? Always consider the source. That said, it’s possible. Europeans, with their spliffs and hand-rolled cigarettes, have perfected the art of one-handed rolling better than cowboys ever did. My Italian buddy casually dumps tobacco in rolling paper held in one hand and then rolls up a cigarette with that same hand while we’re talking, making it look as easy as cracking his knuckles. I don’t think I can repeat his explanation as to why he’s so good at it — just know that he keeps his girlfriend happy.

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