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Dear Stoner: How many plants can I have at home?

Dear Stoner: I just moved to Colorado, and I want to learn about the different types of weed. But looking in the back of Westword can be a little overwhelming. What do you think is a good starting point for finding the info?


Dear E3K: We've been over this in the past, so maybe starting with our online Ask a Stoner archives at would be a good place to begin, slacker. Okay — sorry to harsh your mellow; that's not what this is about. If you want to start finding out about cannabis strains, the web is going to be your best place to find information. Do some digging over at for user-generated reviews of cannabis, and check out the forums on sites like and is also a good resource for getting strain information from seed breeders themselves.

Another suggestion if you're having trouble finding the right strain: Check with a budtender at your local dispensary. Even if you're not a patient, a center should (hopefully) have someone on staff who can still point you in the right direction regarding what you or your caregiver should be growing.

Dear Stoner: I am a Colorado resident who has been receiving contradictory information regarding the number of legal plants I am allowed to have in my home at one time (sprouts, flowering, etc.) as a recreational user. I have heard dispensaries give information that it is twelve plants and six sprouting per person. Others have said that it is six flowering plants per home, with three flowering. Which is it?

Golden Stoner

Dear Golden: Your local dispensary is either stupid or trying to get you into a messy legal situation on purpose. We'll opt for the former, though depending on whom you've pissed off, it could be the latter — that's your problem to suss out. The one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is your state-legal plant count, which is only six plants, with a total of three in flower at any one time. Having a standard, six-plant medical marijuana recommendation on top of that doesn't increase the number of plants you are allowed to have. What isn't clear is how many recreational plants can be grown in a household if there is more than one adult in the residence. State lawmakers have yet to address that issue, leaving the answer somewhat ambiguous for now. Want to stay on the safe side? Keep your plant count below six.

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