Dear Stoner: What Strains Are Best for Treating Seizures?

Dear Stoner: I have a question about medical marijuana, in terms of what the best strains are for seizures. I was diagnosed with cancer a long time ago — brain cancer, in particular — and they gave me anywhere from a week to a few months to live, but here I am, 24 years later. So that's my question. Also wondering if you've ever put your Ask a Stoner columns into one volume.
Another Will

Dear Will: Your story sounds amazing, and we're inspired that you've been giving the middle finger to cancer for nearly a quarter-century. While not all patients react the same way to treatment, for seizures the trick seems to be using strains that are high in CBD. A few strains to look for are Harlequin, R4 and Cannatonic. Good Chemistry on Colfax usually has ounces of Harlequin for $240 for recreational customers; Fresh Baked in Boulder has $300 ounces of Cannatonic; and Greenwerkz in Denver usually has the R4. Kind Love's Purple Diesel and the Clinic's Pre-98 Bubba Kush are also relatively high-CBD buds. According to several docs we've talked to over the years, the key is to make foods from those strains rather than smoke them. You can also try to find high-CBD edibles or tinctures at dispensaries, though you'll have to do some digging, as recreational shops aren't all going to carry high-CBD and low-THC items that, well, don't really get you high.

As for your second question: No, we haven't published a volume of Ask a Stoner columns yet — but they're all at westword.com.


Ask a Stoner

Dear Stoner: My wife and I will be visiting Colorado in 2015; we are both retired, and this will be a big deal for us. We would like to capture as much as possible in pictures. Do the recreational shops allow tourists to take pictures inside their shops while shopping for bud? I'm assuming that there wouldn't be any problem with taking pictures outside. Thanks!
Tim the Tourist

Dear Tim: Good vacation choice. Colorado is the greatest of all of the fifty states, though we are admittedly a little biased. As for your question: Photography is at the discretion of the shop owner, and many places prohibit it. It doesn't hurt to ask, though, and if you do get permission to snap some shots, just be cool and don't photograph any other customers. They might not appreciate winding up in your Facebook photo album. Also, if there are people behind you in line, don't hold things up so that you can get selfies with the sensi. And don't get too caught up in going to multiple shops; the Centennial State has a lot more to offer than the world's greatest pot.

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