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Deion Sanders Tries Saving Face on Social Media After Transfer Backlash

Coach Prime can't seem to hold his tongue after coming under fire for his handling of CU's transfer controversies.
Deion Sanders is entering his second season as CU's head football coach.
Deion Sanders is entering his second season as CU's head football coach. Evan Semón
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Deion Sanders is continuing to try and save face on social media — posting multiple posts throughout the day on May 1 and May 2, in defense of himself and the University of Colorado football program — after becoming public enemy number one in college football this week.

For those who missed it, "Coach Prime" and the CU Buffaloes first came under fire on April 29, with an article in the Athletic detailing CU's infamous transfer portal controversy from last season, in which 53 players from the 2022 team decided to go to other schools after Sanders implored them to.

"We've got a few positions already taken care of because I'm bringing my own luggage with me," Sanders told players during his first team meeting in December 2022. "And it's Louis."

In the Athletic article, former players Chase Sowell and Xavier Smith claimed that Sanders had treated them unfairly and gave them no opportunity to try and win him over.

"He didn't sugarcoat it," Sowell said. "He was telling me, 'You're coming off injury. I don't think you will be one of the guys we need to start this year. We need guys that are going to be ready to play now."

According to Sowell, the conversation went down after the CU spring game, which is when Smith was also allegedly told he'd need to go somewhere else.

"[Sanders] said he felt like I should hit the portal," Smith told the Athletic. "He didn't want me to waste a year thinking I could earn a spot."

Hearing from Sanders that there wasn't a chance he could be convinced about Smith's playing ability garnered an emotional reaction from Smith. "I was actually getting mad, like tears coming to my eyes," he said. "Bro, you never even tried to get to know me."

But that was just the beginning of the Sanders media storm.

Shedeur Enters the Chat

On April 30, much of the sports world took notice — and aim — at Sanders after his star-quarterback son, Shedeur, decided to call out Smith and the Athletic article in an X post that many felt proved Smith's point.
"[I don't] even remember him [to be honest]," Shedeur said. "Bro had to be very mid at best."

As the backlash poured in, Coach Prime eventually tossed his hat into the social media ring.

"I got time today," he said on May 1, in an X post.
Other Buffaloes began getting in on the action, too, with current wide receiver Kaleb Mathis starting an X beef with a cornerback named Jaheim Ward from FCS Austin Peay, where Smith transferred and became an All-America player.

"Bruh you had 38 yards last year stop trying to down play somebody," Ward said about Mathis.

A CU sports content creator named Dalvin Truth then went after Ward, sharing his stats from last year (eight solo tackles, zero forced fumbles, zero interceptions and four pass deflections) in a screenshot, which Coach Prime reposted, saying: "Lawd Jesus."

That response then led to Ward telling Sanders, "Damm it's crazy I got more pass deflections then your son," and posting a screenshot of Shilo Sanders's stats from his year at safety for CU (54 solo tackles, four forced fumbles, one interception and three pass deflections).
While some people have come to the defense of Sanders and CU, many social media users brought out the pitchforks, to the point where Sanders felt the need to continue posting through the day and into May 2.

Sanders posted Bible verses and retweeted public defenses of CU, even going so far as to compare his situation to what happened between Judas and Jesus Christ.
On Thursday afternoon, Sanders sent out videos from one of CU's spring football meetings showing a player named Charles Offerdahl being awarded "Spring Player of the Year" and given a scholarship, despite being hurt.

One of the videos Sanders posted was originally put on X by the Folsom Frenzy Podcast, with this statement: "This video has been out there for a few days now, and it's BAFFLING how no one in the national media wants to write/post about this story."
The Buffaloes finished 4-8 last year after an unexpected 3-0 start. They are expected to have over thirty transfers on the roster this season after losing at least fourteen scholarship players in the spring to the transfer portal, according to ESPN.

The team will play North Dakota State in its season and home opener on August 29.
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