Delegating Denver #14 of 56: Guam

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Total Number of Delegates: 9 Pledged: 4 Unpledged: 5

How to Recognize a Guam Delegate: Guamanians are gorgeous. Their exotic mix of Malay, Chamorro, Filipino, Spanish, Asian, and American ancestry has produced people who are extremely easy on the eyes. Although the Pacific island is a part of Micronesia, don't expect to see delegates running around Denver in grass skirts and coconut-shell bras. Guam is the westernmost outpost of the United States of Discount and Fashion Mall Shopping, and every store is duty-free! Guamanians are as trend-savvy and fashionable as any mainland MySpace suburbanite, and they dress the part. Otherwise, telltale signs of the Guam delegate will include the need for a down coat whenever the temperature dips below 86 degrees Fahrenheit and the wearing of zoris. Zoris — or flip-flops, as they are called on the mainland — are worn all day long, with any outfit, by either sex. They are only removed during daylight hours one at a time, to emphasize a point during a zori attack — or political debate, as it is called on the mainland.

Famous Guamanians: Air America co-founder Evan Montvel Cohen; Discovery Health Channel anti-guru Dan Ho; NBC early-morning news reader Ann Curry; Toronto Blue Jays infielder John Hattig; and star of Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues (and cousin to General George Patton) Donovan Patton

Famous Guam Democrats: America's highest-ranking (out) gay judge, Guam Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cruz; former governor of Guam (1995-2003) Carl T.C. Gutierrez; and U.S. Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo

Famous Guamanians With Denver Connections: A taxidermied version of the extinct-in-the-wild Guam Koko bird that is on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science; MySpace musician Santiago the Artist; and comedian Robby Wagner

Territory Nickname: Where America's Day Begins, Hub of the Pacific (official); World's Biggest K-mart (Unofficial) Population: 171,019 Racial Distribution: 7% white, 3% black, 27% Filipino, 7% Asian, 41% Native Chamorro, 6% Hispanic, 9% mixed Per Capita Personal Income: $12,768 Unemployment: 9%

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Sean Cronin