Delegating Denver #15 of 56: Hawaii

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Total Number of Delegates: 29 Pledged: 20 Unpledged: 9

How to Recognize a Hawaii Delegate: Hawaii has always been considered a paradise on Earth. Not only for its stunningly beautiful landscape, but also for the hospitality of the state's residents. The descendants of the early Hawaiians, who tossed human sacrifices into the mouths of molten volcanos, are now believed to be employees of global hotel chains, and they deal with tourists in a much more passive (aggressive) manner. The rest of today's Hawaiians are inarguably the kindest and most gentle of all Americans. They are extremely generous and will be the easiest delegates to identify on the streets of Denver. Their crown of taro leaves will mark them at first sight. Their arms will be laden with leis made of flowers interwoven with campaign bumperstickers promising better tomorrows, and each hand will hold a platter of musubi and poi. They are a strong people who strive to live liberally. When they ask for directions to the "pupu line," don't direct them toward the toilets. They are looking for the appetizer buffet, the place where they graciously share the bounty and joy of living in paradise.

Famous Hawaiians: AOL founder Steve Case; musicians Jack Johnson, Bette Midler and Don Ho; golfers Michelle Wie and Dean Wilson; triathlete Monique "Pua" Sawicki, dead professional wrestler Brian Wilson, actors Nicole Kidman, Beverly Hillbillies banker Raymond (Milburn Drysdale) Bailey and Kelly (Mrs. John Travolta) Preston.

Famous Hawaii Democrats: 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama; U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye; state senator Rod "Free Plate Lunch and a Nap" Tam

Famous Hawaiians With Denver Connections: 8 Island Hawaiian BBQ owner Michael Iuchi; nurse practitioner and haiku poet Soda Sonoda; Rocky Mountain Hula School instructors Pana Puanani and Kawena Pua'aala.

State Nickname: The Aloha State (official); The Abandoned Car State (unofficial) Population: 1,285,498 Racial Distribution: 27% White, 2% black, 42% Asian, 9% Native Hawaiian, 8% Hispanic, 12% Undecided Per Capita Personal Income: $30,993 Unemployment: 4.3%

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Sean Cronin