Delegating Denver #16 of 56: Idaho

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Total Number of Delegates: 23 Pledged: 18 Unpledged: 5

How to Recognize an Idaho Delegate: Strangeness happens all over the world, but it seems to concentrate in Idaho. Just google the phrase "strange + Idaho" and prepare to get busy reading stories about straight senators seeking gay sex, Jews who are white supremacists and drunks who drive with live deer in their trunks. Stranger yet is that Democrats actually live in Idaho. Republicans force them to live in the small enclaves of Boise's north end, the Sun Valley/Ketchum millionaire zone and within the twelve blocks surrounding the state universities in Moscow and Pocatello. Survival in such a conservative atmosphere is of the utmost importance, and Idaho Democrats dress in what can only be described as Cabela's drag. Women prefer the popular broomstick skirt topped with a Ransom Canyon 3/4 sleeve tee and a blazer. Men's conservative camouflage consists of the classic twill shirts and Huntsman flat-front chinos. Hairstyles for both sexes will be sensible wash-n-wear styles that require little or no product and/or attention.

Famous Idahoans: America's greatest explorer, Sacagawea; America's most treasonous poet, Ezra Pound; performance artist (and Björk's boyfriend) Matthew Barney; Walt's wife, Lillian Disney; Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson; WWE Golden Thong winner Torrie Wilson; Super-G Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street; Metal Slug gamer Marco Rossi; Built to Spill guitarist Doug Martsch; Napoleon Dynamite filmmaker Jared Hess.

Famous Idaho Democrats: Senator Frank Church; former governor and Carter administration Secretary of the Interior Cecil D. Andrus

Famous Idahoans With Denver Connections: Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer; Tuff Shed founder Tom Saurey; author Kathleen Epelde.

State Nickname: The Gem State, Famous Potatoes (official), the Big Potato, the O.C. North, Joe Albertson's State of Idaho (unofficial) Population: 1,466,465 Racial Distribution: 88% white, 0.6% black, 1% Asian, 1.4% Native American, 9% Hispanic Per Capita Personal Income: $25,911 Unemployment: 5.4%

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Sean Cronin