Delegating Denver #2 of 56: Alaska

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Total Number of Delegates: 18 Pledged: 13 Unpledged: 5

How to Recognize an Alaska Delegate: Outdoorsy Alaskans are as easy to spot as a pair of paint-splattered tan Timberland boots! Their distinctive look is typically centered around disheveled denim -- whether it be pants, skirt or jacket -- that is perpetually covered in dog hair and stained with some slime that mysteriously oozed out of a crack in the driveway during the infamous "Breakup Season." Or some such story. And with Alaskans, you can always expect a story. In warmer climes, the men of Alaska will remove their Carhartt parkas during the daylight hours, but Alaskan women are fond of wearing their spaghetti-strapped flower-print dresses over red union suits the whole day through.

Famous Alaskans: Irene Bedard (native Alaskan who was the voice of Disney's Pocahontas), Tom Bodette, Jewel, and cartoonist Vip (Virgil F. Partch)

Famous Alaska Democrats: New Deal territorial governor Ernest "Let Us End American Colonialism" Gruening, and 2008 presidential candidate Senator Mike Gravel

Famous Alaskans With Denver Connections: Mark Schlereth, Denver Broncos Guard (1995-2000), played in two Super Bowls and was selected to the 1998 Pro Bowl for his performance in the 1998 season.

State Motto: North to the Future (official) The Last Frontier (unofficial) Population: 670,053 Racial Distribution: 71% white, 4% black, 16% Native Alaskan, 5% Asian, 5% Hispanic Per Capita Personal Income: $34,000 Unemployment: 10%

Most Alaskan Denver Neighborhood: Harvey Park

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Sean Cronin